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Hair Extensiya Is A Manufacture Of Human Hair Extensions Since 2012 From India (Chennai) With Advance Technology In The Hair Extensions Industry. We Exported more than ten country’s including USA, UK, Canada, Dubai in past seven years Recently We Opened Our Wings In African Market As Well. Our Core Product Is Boneless Straight Hair Recognized Has As One Of The World’s Best Straight Hair And We Are very Well Known For The Bob Wigs. Our Mission Is To Provide Luxury Hair Extensions at Affordable Price.

HAIR EXTENSIYA Is the First Indian Company to Own A Store In African Market. We Committed to Provide The Beautiful Hair That Looks Naturally Gorgeous And Lush. The First Hair Extension Company to Provide 30 Days Replacement Warranty.

Why Indian Hair?

Indian Hair is Sourced from Hindu Temples, Where Female Pilgrims Shave their Heads in Worship as Part of a Religious Ceremony, Referred to as Tonsuring.

Indian Hair is Versatile, Naturally Silk, Lustrous and Blends Well with African, American Hair. It Can be Obtained in Multiple Textures Such as Straight, Wavy and Curly. It Does Not Need to Undergo Harsh Chemical Treatments to Attain a Particular Style. Indian Hair Extensions are Virgin Grade Meaning They Only Choose Hair Types Which Have Not Been Dyed or Chemically Treated. Most of the Hollywood Actors Prefer to Use a Indian Hair Extension. So you Can do More!

According to a Global Study Based on 4 Characteristics that Determine Healthy Hair – Thickness Tensile, Strength, Shine, and Smoothness. Indian Women Have the Best Hair in the World



* India is Only Country Which Gives Single Donor Hair To the Customers.

* Sourced From High-Quality Area’s i.e. Indian Temples Who Only Accept Naturally Tick and Long Hair.

* Virgin Grade (Not Previously Chemically Treated Due to Cultural Beliefs)

* Indian Hair is Ethically Sourced as it is Donated by Members of Hindu Religion as Part of a Ritual.



Indian Hair Extensions are Commonly Thought to be of a Lesser Grade Than European Hair. This is Simply Not True. Women Often Think of European as a Designer and High Class, However, This Theory Does Not Always Relate to Hair Extensions. Some Brands Have Been Known to Advertise Their Indian Remy Grade Hair Extensions as European. This is Simply Because They Believe Customers Will Think Indian Hair Extensions are of Lower Quality but the European Image Attracts More Customers.

According to the World Trade Data India is The No:1 Exporter of Hair Extensions. These are Some of the key Benefits of Choosing the Hair Extension Made From Indian Hair You Can See that They Offer Value For Money.

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Founder of Hair Extensiya


Mr.Hariharan CEO at Hair Extensiya
Mr.Hariharan CEO at Hair Extensiya